Event Information

Event Information
Event Information

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Runners Benefit

Runners Benefit
  • Individuals to reach 120km will receive a SPECIAL PLAQUE from TFCS accompanied by an appreciation & acknowledgement letter.
  • Winning team will be based on fastest accumulated time to complete the distance. TROPHY is awarded to 1st to 3rd placing team for each distance.


  • (Individual) Registration ends 31st July 2020 and Result Submission ends 15th August 2020
  • (Corporate Challenge) Registration ends 31st July 2020 and Result Submission ends 15th August 2020


Runners Benefit


  • This event is open to all Malaysian and those residing in Malaysia
  • This event open to participant age 7 years old and above.

Corporate Registration

  1. Download this corporate registration form and fill up completely
  2. Email to icare@twentyfirstcenturysports.com for processing
  3. Our team will email you the invoice and link for payment
  4. Once payment is done, we will process the form and all participants will receive their confirmation email

Result Submission

  • Participants may use any of the running apps such as:
    1. STRAVA
    2. MapMyRun
    3. Runkeeper
    4. Nike+
    5. Garmin Mobile
    6. Runstatic
    7. Endomono
    8. Or any other apps you have
    9. Step counter/pedometer are not allowed
  • Participants are allowed to complete the run at once or multiple run as long as they finish and submit their result before the dateline.
  • Participants have to compile all their completed distance and submit it at one time (which is after they have completed the run).
  • Result must be submitted within the dateline for each distance. Any submission after the dateline will not be entertained.
  • There are 2 ways of submitting the results:
    1. STRAVA Apps When you click on the result submission link, you have to key in the details required. Then you will be directed to the STRAVA account log in which you need to log in into your STRAVA account and click on authorize before submitting your result.
    2. Upload the screenshot your run results through the link provided (It should contain the distance, timing and date of the run)
  • For corporate registration, the result must be submitted individually.
  • Click here for Results Submission
  • Click here to view Results Submission tutorial

Additional Information

  • Change of category/refund are not allowed.
  • Runners who failed to complete their run or submit their result within the time given will not receive the runners’ entitlement.

Our Mental Wellness Partner

Mental Wellness Partner

Solace Wellness

Solace Wellness is brought to you by Solace Asia, Malaysia's first accredited mental health facility.
Mental health illnesses are treatable and we bring therapy to you now with our structured and virtual treatment programmes so anyone anywhere can recover and live a fulfilling life.


General Enquiries

For any general enquiries, please contact:

Phone: 03-56373821 (mon-fri, 8am-5pm)
Email: icare@twentyfirstcenturysports.com