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Result Submission

  • Participants may use any calorie tracking apps to track their calorie burned.
  • Participants are allowed to complete the calorie burn challenge at once or multiple times as long as they finish and submit their result before the dateline.
  • Result must be submitted within the dateline. Any submission after the dateline will not be entertained.
  • Upload the screenshot of your calorie burn results through the link provided (It should contain the total calorie burn, timing and date of the activity)

Additional Information

  • Change of category/refund is not allowed
  • Participants who failed to complete their activity or submit their result within the time given will not receive their entitlements.

General Enquiries

For any general enquiries, please contact:

Phone: 03-56373821 (mon-fri, 8am-5pm)
Email: icare@twentyfirstcenturysports.com